Corporate Sustainability Summit.

Understanding Corporate Sustainability.

Corporate sustainability is about a company’s responsibility for society in the sense of sustainable business practices. It refers to a company’s responsibility for its impact on society.

The KENCTAD Corporate Sustainability Summit is a non financial reporting platform highlighting corporates that incorporate social, economic & environmental sustainability In their value chain.

Sustainability reporting allows private companies, public and third-sector organisations, to affirm their mission and pursued values, to acknowledge and measure their economic, environmental, social and governance performance and improvement, and, accordingly, to set goals and develop strategies in order to make the management of the organisation more sustainable and efficient, and to manage change more effectively.

Why Corporates participate.

Stakeholders are calling for a transparent disclosure of information concerning the ESG – environment, social, governance – issues within and related to business management.
It is thus fundamental for corporates to promptly respond to this growing call because the companies’ success will soon be more and more dependent on their capacity to generate value, to limit the use of resources and energy consumption, to avoid negative impacts – such as carbon emissions- and maximising positive effects – i.e. job creation, high quality and sustainable products and services.

Impact Measure.

Identifying, measuring and reporting social, economic and environmental impact is equally important for private companies, non profit, third sector and public organisations

It is not only a matter of a company’s better market competitiveness, but of businesses’ responsibility.

Project Format.

To ensure maximum value for our corporate partners, the KENCTAD sustainability project has different elements that ensure maximum exposure for our partners. Our year long partnership explores different avenues to fully tell our corporate partners sustainability promise.

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Pre event engagement.
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Post event engagement.


This annual collaborative event brings together different corporate partners. Discussions are centred around the three pillars of corporate sustainability, i.e environmental, social & governance.

Media & Publishing.

The event structure is one that majorly focuses on stakeholder & media participation. This thus allows for the corporates to highlight their effort & have their reports highly published.


This are post event conversations that allows for an in depth highlight of the practices implemented within the our partners' value chain. Thus content is shared on our digital media platforms with click back links that drive traffic to our partners' online platforms.


Through our partnerships & conversations, we will publish an annual report highlighting the different ways & measures different corporates are incorporating sustainability in their value chain. This will be launched at the next sustainability summit.