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Folksy: Cultural heritage preservation while fostering economic growth and social well-being.


Areas of Focus


Cultural Heritage Conservation and Economic Growth:

Folksy actively engages in the preservation, restoration, and documentation of cultural heritage sites, artifacts, and traditions. By doing so, it not only safeguards cultural richness but also contributes to economic growth by creating opportunities for heritage-related tourism, attracting visitors interested in experiencing and supporting these preserved cultural elements.


Community Engagement and Social Well-being:

Folksy encourages community-based cultural events, festivals, and educational programs. These initiatives celebrate local traditions, foster community engagement, and promote cultural exchange. By bringing communities together, Folksy contributes to social well-being, creating a sense of pride and identity among community members and fostering a positive social environment. 


Empowerment Through Traditional Craftsmanship:

Folksy supports and promotes traditional craftsmanship by providing market access to artisans. This initiative not only preserves traditional skills that are integral to cultural identity but also empowers artisans economically. By connecting these craftsmen with wider markets, Folksy ensures fair compensation for their work, fostering economic sustainability within local communities.


Inclusive Cultural Policies and Digital Preservation:

Folksy advocates for inclusive cultural policies in trade agreements and development initiatives. Additionally, it employs technology for the digital preservation of cultural knowledge, stories, and practices. This not only ensures the accessibility of cultural heritage for future generations but also aligns with contemporary trends, creating opportunities for innovation and participation in the digital age.


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web and mobile
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Creating a full range UI/UX apps accross the whole platform.


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Website & Mobile App Design
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Website & Mobile App Design

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Motion Graphics & Animation

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