About us

Hi! We are KENCTAD

We are a 360 degrees events, media & branding company agency based in Nairobi Kenya.

We have worked with top level corporates & SMEs in Kenya. We provide top level events and branding solutions from concept development to event planning & management.

Our media solutions vary from communications, media buying, planning & distribution. Our digital solutions range from brand building & management.






Successful projects

Do more, Be more!

Our experience will help you create a quality product.

Your company’s success & outlook heavily relies on your business partner’s understanding of your brand purpose & direction.

The solutions we offer are strategically designed to make your project a success. We take the time to understand what it is you want to achieve & we help you do more & be more.

Events planning & management.​
Concepts design & development.
Digital media & content marketing.​
Branding Solutions

Guaranteed results

We understand that the time & commitment you put into projects is valuable & thus our structures are designed to ensure you get maximum value.

International standards

We are strong believers of building products & projects that transcend regions. Working with us means you get international quality standards for all your projects.

On point implementation

When you work with us, it's exactly that. We work together. Our process ensures that we capture all that is important to you on all levels.

Industry's leading experts

A team that can change your bussiness!

Our team knows our thing. The KENCTAD team is a specially handpicked team that understands the assignment thrown at them. We put in the time to truly dissect each project to the core in a way that helps us give you the best results.

Get in touch! We are looking forward to start a new project.