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Media Mobilisation

When you have something to say, talk to us. We have a network of journalists that we work with closely to ensure that your message reaches the right audience at the right time. 

Media Distribution

Our robust media tool allows you to easily distribute your press releases & general communications to reliable & influential media platforms across Africa in simple steps.


Cris Management

Once in a while, well stacked eggs are likely to crack. When it does, it is proper management to have a management plan in place. Our team will help you craft a crisis management plan for when you need one so you don’t have to run around like a headless chicken. 


Media Listening

Today, more than ever, it’s important to know when your brand is mentioned & in what context. Our social listening tools will help you monitor when & where your brand is mentioned. This will help you get ahead of the news & do any damage control or amplification.

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