Management Team


Brought together by our individual unique values, meet the team at KENCTAD

Sebastian Davies Ngida


Sebastian brings his engineering background out to play through his critical thinking processes when developing concepts & strategies

With a special eye in recruiting talent, he has been able to put together an amazing team that fully understands the company's vision & general development of client portfolio solutions.
No matter how crazy, if it can be thought of, it can be done.

Abeno Natalina

Business Development

Business Dev enthusiast at heart

Natalina has helped design & create sustainable partnerships as well as create amazing client repertoire

Business growth & survival means constant innovation & staying true to your vision.

Irma Jennys

Accounts & Valuation

Numbers Person

Irma crosses all the t's & Dots All The i's

To know if you are growing as a company, it's that you understand your numbers inside - out.

Oraro Cynthia

Sales & Marketing

She has a charming way of describing our solutions in the easiest way possible

Cynthia helps breakdown our products & solutions to clients while giving a proper description of the solutions we can create for you

The client is the baseline of any business, treat them well & you will be in business!

Beldine Selma

Media Liasion

Need an amazing team lead that will understand you media & communications needs? Beldine is the person to speak to!

Media buying, planning & management needs an eye that understands your needs as a company.

Media can make or break your brand. You thus need to get a team that understands where you want to head as a company

Our extra skills

  • Business Analysis96%
  • Business Consultancy96%
  • 3D Concepts Designs & Premise Branding 87%
  • Equity Acquisitions 87%